Born 1987 in Gothenburg [SE]
Lives and works in Stockholm [SE]


2021 80/20 or Familiar Grounds, Boy konsthall, Bollebygd (solo)
2019 As I was Standing Watch...Konstepidemin, Gothenburg (solo)
2018 Galleri Arnstedt. Östra Karup
2017 From Violet to Vermilion, KHM Gallery, Malmö (solo)
2016 Playing Under a Drum, Gallery Pildammsparken, Malmö
2016 Annual Exhibition, Malmö Art Academy
2015 Some Roses and their Phantoms, Sölvesborgs Konsthall
2014 Marsvinsholms sculpture park, Ystad
2014 Grafikens Hus, Mariefred
2014 BFA Exhibition. KHM gallery, Malmö
2014 Annual Exhibition, Malmö Art Academy


2015-2017 Master of Fine Art, Malmö Art Academy, tutor João Penalva
2011-2014 Bachelor of Fine Art, Malmö Art Academy
2009-2011 Gothenburg Art school, department of painting


2017 Konstakademien. 2017
2017 Stiftelsen AAA. 2017
2014 Ann-Margret Lindells stiftelse
2011 Gothenburg art school painting grant


2014-2016 Curator at Galleri CC, Malmö

I investigate documented history through artistic research. With a fascination for synchronicity I seeks to uncover hidden relationships and to disturb lines drawn between various disciplines, by entertaining alternative timelines through rhizomatic storytelling.

While undertaking research, I am sensitive to reoccurrences of certain pieces of information, of dates, locations, shapes, of colors. The narrative is made complicated by branching based on these coincidences. The reoccurrence of a certain date can send the narrative off in unlikely and unexpected directions. Alongside generating ideas, the "mind-map-like" research leads to an investigation and exploration into materials, techniques and mediums, vital to the process. Many times the projects reach completion in a full but skewed circle. A ghostly return to the point of departure.